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Waranet Solutions :

  • Experienced in developing electronic solutions and software applications.
  • Renowned multidiscliplinary skills
  • Customers' assistance to target their needs
  • Comprehensive mastering of our products from conception to operational implementation
  • COFRAC-validated pressure, CO2 and humidity measuring chains

Our means :

  • Development tools covering the whole of your needs for development, prototype creation and tests.
  • Comprehensive range of COFRAC-validated Temperature and Hygrometry measuring chains
  • Laboratory equipped with tools for temperature and hygrometry sensor verification and adjustment

Our customers' fields of activity :

  • Health (French Blood Agency known as , laboratories, hospitals, clinics)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and agriculture (production, storage, transport)
  • Logistics and transport
  • Industry

Our assets :

  • Product and service quality
  • High performance products enabling you to meet the highest levels of requirements
  • Our customers' full satisfaction
  • Understanding, assistance and training
  • Customizable products
  • An aid and a follow-up of your projects

Our outlook

picto equipe
Team work

Because team work results in getting the best ideas and the best results, our team comprises people who have different skills and are experienced in various fields. Our commitment to satisfy our customers is made possible by the mutual support existing within our team.

picto innovation

Since our team members' creativity is a source of growth, we encourage innovation by means of our investments, process efficiency, professional development and know-how.

picto integrite

We thoroughly respect ethical rules in order to be faithful to the confidence that our customers have granted us.

picto satisfaction
Our customers' satisfaction

Our aim is to create added value to our customers. We support them in their success because we respect our commitments.

picto leadership

Each member of the team shares a personal responsibility in the company success. So each member has many opportunities to satisfy customers, contribute to team work, be proactive and improve our practices.

picto vision
Our targets in line with this Outlook

  • Going beyond our customers' expectations
  • A sustainable and profitable growth
  • A high-level performance on all our markets
  • The motivation and talent of our staff

Our customers


Mastered Technologies :

  • Traceability and monitoring solutions developed by Waranet Solutions - by means of recorders or in real time : temperature, hygrometry, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, differential pressure, particles, ... and all type of sensors offering an analogic voltage or modbus standard interface.
  • Data communication via radio frequency, TCP/IP, field bus
  • Acquisition, operating, supervision and monitoring software applications developed by Waranet Solutions