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Being a historical supplier of the food industry, WARANET SOLUTIONS offers you comprehensive solutions including recording hardware as well as the software applications enabling you to set these sensors and process their  registration in order to monitor your thermal chambers and ensure the traceability of your cooking values : Pasteurization Value/ Sterilization Value.
The intensity of the heat treatment, sterilization or pasteurization, is expressed in the form of a Sterilizing Value (commonly called sterilization value or SV), or a PasteurizingValue (more often called pasteurizing value ou PV). This value equals the duration of the treatment leading to the decrease in the number of microorganisms when performed at the reference temperature.

The capability of measuring processes tries to describe the way the uncertainty in measurement is approached in the declaration of conformity.

As a matter of fact, a declaration of conformity is based on a true value and not on a measured value which is an imperfect version of reality. It is thus necessary to take the impact of this imperfection into account in the declaration of  conformity. That is the reason why many norms require taking the uncertainty in measurement into account for the declaration of conformity.