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The company ensures metrology services in addition to the instruments produced by the company.

These services are provided in the metrology laboratories for which Waranet Solutions have the latest equipment for trials and calibration materials that enable the meeting of level of requirements expected by our customers.

Our laboratory qualifies for the 17025 standard for its calibration and verifcation services. Our internal activities are completed – if need be and according to our customer's needs - by partner laboratory services accredited by COFRAC.

To help you meet your challenges, our teams are able to help you define your needs thanks to their great know-how, their expertise and skills.

Our integrated organisation allows us to offer a high level of reactivity and quality services. Our laboratory covers the following fields (media and measurement standards associated):
• Temperature :
    o Climatic chamber : -50°C to+60°C
    o Baths (ethanol, distilled water, silicon oil) : -80°C to +200°C
    o Liquid nitrogen tank : -196°C
    o Dry carbon dioxide snow : -80°C

• Humidity :
  o  Humidity generator + ROTRONIC standards : 5% RH to 95% RH ; Temperatures : 5°C ; 23°C ; 50°C

• CO2
  o Standard gas : 0%, 0.3%, 5% (and others on request)

Example of calibrated instruments.

prestation metrologie waranet 1 prestation metrologie waranet 2 prestation metrologie waranet 3

Waranet Solutions resorts to other service providers for other quantities acquired by sensors integrated into our solutions. Waranet Solutions can offer you temperature calibration services directly on your site in order to reduce the time when monitoring systems will be unavailable because of maintenance and verification operations.