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Compact data logger calibration

Waranet Solutions offers the best services to calibrate any data logger, thermometer or hygrometer to ISO/IEC 17025.

Please contact us by email, by phone or fill the attached form, should you want to get a cotation and lead-time for calibration of your devices.
We can propose devices for rent such as for you to keep service during the calibration.

Waranet Solutions calibration services

  • Calibration means (liquid or gaz) :
    • Liquid : -80°C to + 180°C (internal or external probes) ; best uncertainty 0.06°C
    • Air or gaz : -80°C to +60 C; best uncertainty : 0.22°C
  • Calibration according to your specification
  • Scheduling of the calibration such as to reduce turn around time
  • Calibration of hygro-thermometers either as combined or separated quantities
  • Adjustment of the instrument as an option (SW extension)
  • Battery replacement (depending on instrument type)

Waranet Solutions delivers either certificates of calibration or certificates of verification depending on your needs.

Instruments types

  • Credit card format
  • Button cell format
Enregistreur hygromètre miniature humidité température (format bouton)
kit enregistreur temperature warito lt8

Waranet Solutions laboratory of calibration

Scope of calibration services provided on demand.
Calibrations are realized by comparison to standard thermometers or hygrometers in bath or climatic enclure.
Tracaebility to national Standards (COFRAC, ILAC) thermometers and hygrometers.
Calibration process is carried out according to documented procedures complying with ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

kit enregistreur temperature warito sonde ext

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